16u - 17u Queen City Classic  
PLEASE!!! NO SEEDS!! ANYONE CAUGHT WITH SEED IN THE DUGOUT WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE REMOVAL OF THE "HEAD COACH" FROM THE TOURNAMENT. This is obviously a major problem or we would not need to resort to such drastic measures to resolve.
PARKING AT MIAMI Please park in the parking garage across from the baseball field. Do not park in decal lots. You will get a ticket.
Parking at NKU - NKU charges $5 for parking. Please do not call to complain or yell at our gate worker. If we want to use NKU we must abide by their rules and their rules are you play $5 to park. Most colleges charge for on campus parking.
Cincy Flames - Alkire
Queen City Classic Teams
Confirmed Teams (16)
Pool A
1 BC Athletics (TN) 17u
2 Cincy Flames - Alkire (OH) 16u
3 USA Prime Ohio (OH) 16u
4 Barracks Baseball Black (OH) 16u
Pool B
1 CBA Southeast (TN) 16u
2 CBC Blackhawks - Ferguson (OH) 16u
3 Stateline Generals (IL) 16u
4 Ohio Elite - Oxender (OH) 17u
Pool C
1 Illinois Braves (IL) 17u
2 Ironmen Midwest Black (OH) 17u
3 KY Rampage (KY) 16u
4 Aces (OH) 16u
Pool D
1 BC Athletics (TN) 16u
2 CBC Marucci Midwest Blackhawks (OH) 17u
3 Cincinnati Hornets (OH) 16u
4 Midland - Baker (OH) 17u