PLEASE!!! NO SEEDS!! ANYONE CAUGHT WITH SEED IN THE DUGOUT WILL RESULT IN THE IMMEDIATE REMOVAL OF THE "HEAD COACH" FROM THE TOURNAMENT. This is obviously a major problem or we would not need to resort to such drastic measures to resolve.
PARKING AT MIAMI Please park in the parking garage across from the baseball field. Do not park in decal lots. You will get a ticket.
Parking at NKU - NKU charges $5 for parking. Please do not call to complain or yell at our gate worker. If we want to use NKU we must abide by their rules and their rules are you play $5 to park. Most colleges charge for on campus parking.
Parent Info

There is a gate fee at all events.  Please have cash or credit card ready when you arrive at your first game.  You can use cash or credit card at each site.  You can purchase a tournament pass that is good at all sites all days or you can pay per game which is good only for that game.

All teams should be ready to play at 8:00am on the first day of the event.  Out of town teams should book their hotels accordingly and book starting the night before the event.  Once the schedule is posted you can cancel your first night without penalty if the schedule so permits. It's much easier to cancel a night than it is to add it after the hotel is sold out.

All players, coaches and parents must stay in the same approved hotel in a team block.  Player eligibility is verified through the hotel rooming list.

Some of the schools use our tournaments to sell concessions and make some extra money for their programs.  Hence, there will be NO OUTSIDE CONCESSIONS at some fields.  Please be aware, PLAYERS are allowed personal coolers in the dugout AT ALL FIELDS.  A list of school offering concessions is provided to your coach before the event. (if a field isn't on this list, anyone can bring in anything they'd like, as long as the trash makes it into the trash cans).

Every single field we are using this week is turf.  That means there are NO METAL SPIKES, NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS, NO TOBACCO, & NO CHEWING GUM AT ANY FIELD.  This includes players, coaches and fans. If anyone is caught breaking any of these rules the offending person AND “THE HEAD COACH” will be IMMEDIATELY ejected from the TOURNAMENT.  This is a zero-tolerance policy.  No warnings.  No exceptions.  Please keep in mind these are not our fields and they should look better when you leave than they did when you arrived.  Please be considerate and clean up any and all trash in the dugouts as well.

Any team that loses their first bracket game will have the option of a consolation game on Sunday.  Out of town teams can expect their consolation game to be at either 8:00am or 10:00am.

All announcements, delays and tournament updates will be posted in the yellow bar at the top of the page.