Founded in 1994 by Jay Basil, The Cincy Flames are recognized as one of the premier youth Baseball & Softball organizations in the country.
We are an organization where players and coaches dramatically improve their skills through individual instruction, coaches clinics, and by playing competitive teams throughout the country.

The Cincy Flames Baseball Program consists of teams from 8u - 18u
The Cincy Flames Softball  Program consists of one team at each level: 12u, 14u, 16u

Our Mission Statement:
To instill the integrity of the game of baseball into each player while helping them understand the greatness of the game.
To allow each player to learn the many life lessons associated with the game of baseball.
To guide and enhance the development needed to advance to the college or professional level.
To provide the best learning environment, the best competition, and the most fun the game has to offer.

Many Cincy Flames players have successful careers beyond their years in the organization.

Visit our Alumni page.

The Cincy Flames baseball program is very proud of their numerous accomplishments in their 25 years of existence.

♦ National Championships

(1999) 9U CABA
(2001)12U NABF
(2003) 10U CABA
(2003) 14U Sandlotter
(2005) 15U NABF
(2007) 9U CABA
(2007) 13U Hap Dumont
(2007) 15U NABF
(2008) 10U CABA
(2009) 9U CABA
(2010) 15U USSSA Int
(2011) 9U CABA
(2011) 11U AABC
(2015) 9U CABA
(2009) 11U USSSA
(2010) 12U Triple Crown
(2019) 13U Cooperstown

♦ National Runners-Up

(1999) 10U NABF
(2000) 10U NABF
(2001) 9U CABA
(2002) 12U NABF
(2003) 12U NABF
(2004) 12U Cooperstown
(2004) 15U Sandlotter
(2005) 9U CABA
(2007) 12U NABF
(2008) 13U Hap Dumont
(2008) 9U CABA
(2008) 9U NABF
(2008) 11U CABA
(2015) 18U Premier
(2015) 12U Summer Nationals
(2016) 13U Cooperstown
(2017) 13U Cooperstown